Renault and Xu Yi

  • Renault and Xu Yi are well-known students in the school. For the examination, it is a matter of resignation and letting go. This is not the case. After another final exam score, it is not unexpected. I took a whole school and tied for the "first".er, I guessed that this is the last two children in this exam. I am suffering from the same pains Wholesale Cigarette. What is the exam?" Renault said with a sneer, and he squatted on Xu Yi's shoulder. "Hey, did you see that the teacher had just read the nerd Baogui?" But the squad leader took the first exam. What's so great? We are also the first Newport Regular Cigarettes, and it is the first in the school!" Xu Yi rolled his eyes. "Yeah, we are much better than them..." Renault should be harmonious.buddies were so side by side that they laughed and walked together on their way home. Walking, Renault smiled and pulled Xu Yi: "Hey, I heard that I recently opened a home network, business is booming! Can't go?" Xu Yi stopped and bite with his mouth Cigarettes Sales. The lower lip said: "Ah, then I don't have money..." and scratched the back of his head with his hand. Renault smiled and patted his chest: "Oh! What are you afraid of Carton Of Marlboro Reds 100S, don't you still have me? It happens that I brought a lot of money today, it is like celebrating the summer vacation, I invite you. Go, play enough today! ��ult took Xu Yixing and walked on the way to the Internet cafe. When I arrived at the Internet cafe, suddenly, a white mouse in front of me blocked their way. "Ah!!!" I saw that they suddenly pushed the other side away, and both of them screamed, their hands on their chests, their bodies shaking, and they retreated. The mouse stayed for a while, and a small step back and ran away.o of them have not recovered from the tremors in the previous tremors. They looked at each other. Xu Yi swallowed and snarled and said to Renault: "You, are you afraid, afraid of rats?"lt walked toward Xu Yi with his heart and said, "What do you say?" Xu Yi tried to take a deep breath, strengthened his courage, and returned to God. He said, "Okay, we are all afraid of mice." People, that��s why we can��t, do we see that the mouse is not there? The tail is so long and long, there are 15 centimeters..ault breathed a sigh of relief: "Fortunately, we didn't touch it, the mouse is poisonous! Well, don't let a mouse disturb the interest of us to go to the Internet cafe! Internet cafe is in front, let's go!"ult and Xu Yi ran to the newly opened Internet cafe. "It seems very good! A lot of computers, fast, let's go there!" Renault pointed to two of them. Xu Yi licked his stomach and said with a bit of pain: "Ah, let's play first... I, my stomach hurts, go to the toilet first." When he ran to find the toilet, Renault whispered: "Really However Cigarettes Wholesale Online, I have a stomachache now, and I have the wrong medicine?!" But the scene of the big white mouse just flashed from time to time.!" At the moment Renault was about to sit down, there was a scream in the bathroom, which was extremely loud. Renault slammed and fell to the ground and complained: "Scared, there are ghosts, really!" But he can't be white, he has to go and see what is so scary, he even forgets Xu Yi's existence. He came to the bathroom, and there were already a bunch of people watching the excitement. He squeezed into it. "Hey, nothing?" Renault said that everyone else said so, he was also surprised. Looked around, he suddenly remembered: "Hey? Xu Yi? I haven't seen him until now! It's not so slow to go to the toilet..." Renault called a few words in the toilet: "Hey! Xu Yi !! Are you there? If you should, I should say it! Xu Yi?!" No one responded. "Strange, where did the dead guy go?" He looked down, ah, a blood on the floor, Renault licked his mouth, his heart beat faster, and thought, "Just the scream will not be that." The boy sent it..." His heart shook.