The National Day Golden

  • The National Day Golden Week has arrived again. Mom and Dad took me to Guilin to play. On October 1st, we officially set off and came to Guilin to feel the unique charm of Guilin. Her landscape is really beautiful!lin is a very lively city Cheap Cartons Of Newport 100 Cigarettes, and the night falls more beautifully. When I got off the train, I was surrounded by many kinds of emotions Cheap Newport 100 Cigarettes. I wanted to know the curiosity of this city, I wanted to travel around the whole city, and I wanted to come soon tomorrow. Because of this, we can meet Guilin on the cruise ship of Lijiang River. dawn!next day, I got my wish to come to the place that I have longed for - Lijiang. A large business card in Lijiang and Guilin has made many Chinese and foreign tourists come here. She is a beautiful river. I sat on a boat, looked at her beauty, felt her quietness, and let her feel our enthusiasm, taking photos with it again and again; a beautiful photo; a round of red days hanging in the sky; a burst of cool Jiang Feng reminds me of a good story. "On the blue waters of the boat, people are in the middle of the painting." This poem embodies the beauty of the Lijiang River. This is a sentence I like very much. The freshness of the air makes my mood even better.nt of this scene, I can't help but help Guilin to write an advertisement, "Guilin Lijiang, the beautiful land. Stop in obscenity, everyone praises", is not very well written, but if I think again, I will miss it. Many beautiful scenery: the buffalo drinking water on the riverside; the large white birds swept by the river; the boat sailing on the road, and so on, let me linger. But the good time always goes too fast. After about an hour, the boat will return, but I am still immersed in the beautiful scenery. Even when I disembark, I am looking back!eautiful trip to the Lijiang River came to an end, my wish was fulfilled, and night fell, and I began to look forward to the next day's happy journey. My mother��s hometown is in the mountains of Shuangyang Town. The changes in these years are really big! There is also a beautiful scenic area.ild a scenic spot? Because it is said that Guiguzi was born in Yutongshan, he also taught many military strategists, such as Sun Hao and Pang Wei. The construction of this scenic spot is to commemorate him Cigarette Wholesale Online. My mother's home was originally a pitted road. When it rained, the road was full of water. The people in the village didn't dare to go out because the road was very muddy. Now it is better to have a big road in the village, and the road is not muddy. In the past, they lived in low-rise earthenware houses. Now the villagers live in spacious and bright buildings. In the past, everyone relied on farming to make a living. Now everyone has planted walnut trees. Because the walnut trees have high yields, the green walnuts are full of branches. It is so delicious. Now there is a big square in the village entrance, which is for everyone to relax and have fun in the work. There is a big TV in the square. Every day, the movie is broadcast. When people finish the meal in the evening, they come to the square to play. Some people are there. There are swings in the square, some dancing, and others watching TV Buy Wholesale Cigarettes. There is also a big hotel hotel that is full of neon lights and looks at the colorful ones Buy Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. There is also a martial arts college on the top of the mountain. There are many students studying martial arts there.