People have to rely on themselves

  • People have to rely on themselves, the six-year-old sister and the seven-year-old brother, the brothers and sisters, relying on their parents to rely on their fruits to make money, how shocking.hat day, I went hiking with my relatives. After going down the mountain, it rained. After two people, I stopped. It was a pair of brothers and sisters. The yellow face is crumpled, and the eyes are full of helplessness. There are five or six bunches of mountain grapes and half-cooked schisandra in front of them. My sister's hair is messy and seems to be complaining.this time, a group of people came, just listening to his brother's hoarse shouted: "Buy a bunch!" No one cares about him. His words are intertwined with tears and helplessness, like two magnets, firmly stuck together. I walked silently to him, as if walking into this group had a sad atmosphere. I saw his face, chapped lips, yellow hair, and old clothes, all of which seemed to be playing a movie. I said to him: "How much is a string, come two strings." He replied happily: "Oh, one piece, taste it, not sour." I carefully picked one, my heart filled with sacred feelings, like going Be a great taxi. Put it in the mouth, take a bite, the juice flowed out. At that time, the face changed, because... too sour, I said to him: "It��s so sweet, I want two strings." put the two strings in my mouth and tasted them carefully. It was really sweet and sweetAlthough we grow up under the care of our parents, we must always be separated from our parents. Therefore, from now on, be an independent, self-improving child, and rely on yourself. Every afternoon after school Buy Newport Cigarettes, I went to the remedial class as usual, and went again on Saturday morning. Just on Saturday morning... I walked on the road in the morning, with two strangers in front. A child, it looks like I am two years younger than me! e boy in front was eating snacks while playing with the mobile phone Buy Cigarettes Wholesale. The snack bag that was eaten was thrown to the ground with easehe old woman was carrying garbage in the back. After the old woman picked up the garbage Carton Of Newport 100, she slowly walked to the trash can and threw my heart was filled with resentment Marlboro Wholesale, thinking: This boy is really too hygienic, even the old woman can do Newport Cigarettes For Sale, why can't you do it? quickly walked up and stopped him, let him pick up the melon skin, but he said, "Who are you, I can't see what the seeds are about really couldn't bear it, and I slapped him a slap. (Please forgive me, I am really angry!)fter my slap in the face, he slammed the melon seeds on the ground and threw them into the trash can that was only one step away from him. After he threw it, he ran back. I hen, he ran to the old grandmother who was walking at the pace, and helped the grandmother to walk slowly. I looked at it and was is matter, I will remember in my heart, he, change the mistakes, is a good boy who is proud of his parents, is a good classmate worth er that, every afternoon, I will meet him. He will not throw garbage any more, and he will not play mobile phones while walking on the road.pecially the sentence: civilization is only one step away! We can't just throw garbage at it! We must do it! Protect the earth and prevent a black spot on the mother's face.