You bow your head and hurriedly

  • You bow your head and hurriedly walked past me. You may not have noticed me, but I saw you, or more specifically I saw your figure - just seeing your trying to keep up with your pace, but you are walking too fast. I looked at the long distance between us and shook my head silently.y are you going so fast? Must we go so fast? Is it important that the mathematics teacher just sent out the papers? Are you really immersed in books all day Parliament Cigarettes, are you really happy? Are you really willing to swim in the sea and don't want to go ashore? I know that when I finish the above words, you will definitely move out one set after another, and I know that. I know that for high school students, time is more precious than money. Everyone should pay every minute and every second to fight for their dreams. I also know that even if you don��t walk with me on the way, we are between Friendship will not fade Cigarettes Online. However, you know, in your busy figure, I saw tension and saw fatigue, why should I force myself so tightly, like a whipped gyro all day, keep turning, keep on going Land transfer? Why do you care about your own academic gains and losses?o you remember? You said that you like to watch the sun fall down the horizon little by little Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The picturesque scene is reminiscent of the mountains and rivers of "the setting sun, the golden clouds, the clouds, the long rivers and the long rivers." The magnificence reminds me of the tranquility of the pastorality of "over the head of the setting sun, the solitary smoke in the market", "the lotus roots with the sun, the green hills alone". In the face of the sunset, the heart of the thoughts, there is always a sense of extraordinary. That is a happy enjoyment. But you know, today's fire clouds are so magnificent: like huge satin covered with the sky in the west Carton Of Newports. If you used to, I would pull me to see the darkness, but now the beautiful sunset can't keep your pace, with your pace going away, and my hopeful mood. know, I hope that I will go with you on the way to school, and I will sniff with you to smell the flowers on the osmanthus trees on the roadside. Tell me about the interesting things I read recently in newspapers and magazines. One said that my father came back to work and talked about the outside world? ... Our life is not just about problems and exams, but also a lot of good things. How can we only care about our scores and rankings and ignore others?you remember, you said that the 18-year-old youth should be colorful and colorful. There should be a shadow and a shadow in the "Spotted", and there should be a family friendship and true feelings in the "colorful"! In this case Online Cigarettes, you can't only have your own eyes, just want to study in your heart!s go slowly, pay more attention to the world around us, and let our vision become broad: let's go together, we will be filled with laughter and songs on the way we walk together!