Science is the door to human growth

  • Science is the door to human growth. It is, let humanity know so much esoteric scientific knowledge; it is, let us understand the mystery of nature; it is, let us have so many scientific inventions; it is, let our little hearts receive Inspired and curious.ence Cigarettes Online, it opens our eyes, it is full of curiosity and excitement, let us see so many things and strange things. It is like a bottomless accidental opportunity, I saw a very interesting scientific experiment in the Hunan Satellite TV Encyclopedia: I filled a cup with water, covered it with a cup, and then turned the cup up, but the water would not Flow out.feel that this is incredible. How can a cup be held in a thin piece of paper?dubiously took out the props I needed and poured them over and poured them Online Cigarettes. I looked at the paper carefully, obviously seeing the water in the cup Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, but the paper was a little wet. I started to worry about this little paper, in case it was too small. Do it? My heart began to get nervous. I looked at the bottom of the cup more carefully, but the water did not flow out... My eyes are already lacking, so tired! thin paper is holding on, I am so happy.told my family about this, my family was dubious, and I performed it again in front of my family, but this time I didn��t know what happened. When the water came down, the water flowed down and the family said that I lied to them. I can't wash it when I jump into the Yellow River! No, I must prove to them that I have not lied to them.I performed it again in front of them. I was careful to be wrong... "Haha, it��s really hard work!" I finally succeeded, and the family felt incredible, haha!we want to discover, only a pair of eyes that love to observe, can discover science; but also use a heart to explore the truth to understand the science of life. The most memorable one is that I cry, although this is not my first time. cry. But this is one thing that I remember from childhood to big.was in the second grade, I was about to finish the exam at the end of the year. I was doing the exercises and it was a bit more precise for the calculation Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I was confident enough that I felt proud and arrogant without any problems that would hold me. Therefore, every time the teacher enters the classroom, he will say that when the exam is taken, don't be nervous, count it twice, check it out. My scores were around 90 points before the final exam. exam is due at the end of the exam. I calmly finished the previous big questions, and when I was doing the third big problem in mathematics, I was blinded at once. The teacher told the big question. I was not listening carefully when I was doing other questions. I want to do the following questions, but I have forgotten the formula for the following questions. Time passed by, and I gradually thought of it publicly, and I hurriedly wrote it. I didn��t check the other questions. At the time of the collection, the teacher took the paper up. I am stunned by the whole also very upset at home, and I dare not tell my mom and dad. When my mother asked, she said it was okay.the day when I got to the point, my legs were soft and I didn't dare to go in. Just when the teacher said that I got 70 points, my tears were spinning in my eyes. The teacher called me up and slapped me and said, "I hope you can remember." I suddenly cried.ough this is not the first time I cry, but he has to do everything with care, be careful and be careful, and don't think that others are not as good as you Marlboro Menthol 100S. As long as you are lax, others will follow and surpass you.