Golden sand, clear lake, lush reed

  • Golden sand, clear lake, lush reeds, and good scenery of sand lake. There are many kinds of birds in Shahu. Look at the swan! The long neck is standing proudly, like a beautiful girl, one duck after another swims to the girl, but the proud girl ignores and goes to the front, leaving the admirers to fluctuately swim. gone.we boarded the sand island and saw only a pair of camels eating leisurely "sand". What is it talking about in the whisper? I guess what you are talking about is the scenery of the sand lake that you saw during the walk. Going to the water's edge, the lake gently touches my ankles, and the cool water washes away the fatigue on the road.the horse-riding field, one horse after another was flying fast. The horses running in the front were full of pride and pride. It quickly moved forward and decided to be the first. The second horse did not relax. He quickly ran forward and he was full of confidence in himself. He was determined to strive to surpass the first place. I saw it as a fascination, as if I was also a fast horse running freely on the horse training fiesn't until the sun turned west that I came out of fantasy and looked at Shahu with a little regret. One day last winter vacation, I was alone at home, it was noon when I finished my homework. My mind suddenly: Dad came back for lunch, I should make a delicious lunch for him, so that he can have more time to restWhat are you doing? Just do what I am good at ------- cooking instant noodles. After a while, the noodles were cooked. I couldn��t wait to put a bowl on my dad, and the fragrant heat came out. I took a deep breath and the saliva flowed out. It was a sense of accomplishment Newport Cigarettes Price. ! When Dad returns, he will be surprised and happy. He praises me as a good child. Thinking of this, my heart is so beautiful, I can't help but dance! Oh, it��s true that the phrase ��Pride comes, shame comes��, the hot noodle soup in the bowl is picking up the back of my hand, and the pain of the heart! Just listening to the "ž" Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, the rice bowl fell to the ground and fell Cigarettes Cheaper, I was frustrated: I wanted to get praise, but the result was counterproductive. When I am finished, I am sure I will approve it! The more I think about it, the more I feel uneasy, what should I do? Still don't tell Dad, so I quickly cleaned up the "live" and then pretended to read at the desk, but I didn't read a word. Oh, I have done something wrong, how can I feel at ease?Finally, Dad is back, I am more nervous. He walked into the kitchen and found the broken bowl in the trash can Cigarettes Online. He asked me loudly: "What happened?" At this time, my heart mentioned the eyes of the blind man, and came to my father with a hard scalp. The mouth is also a bit wooden. Baby, vomiting and vomiting: "No...���������� know!" Dad��s sharp eyes stared at me, serious: "Be honest!" In a word, I was red-faced, but I felt wronged, so I Just said the truth of the matter. After listening to Dad, I was very touched and showed a happy smile on my face. He patted my head and said, "You are my good daughter! People are not sages, can you have nothing? Candid face How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, change the mistakes, this is a good boy! ????