In a twinkling of an eye, the colorful

  • In a twinkling of an eye, the colorful elementary school life is about to pass, and the boys and girls are playing tricks, bit by bit, and we still remember. There is no banquet in the world, I can't forget the teacher's teachings, I can't forget the laughter of the classmates, and I can't forget the beautiful campus. Can't forget the youth that will pass away.Now, we are about to face graduation exams. Every student is struggling on the front line of the exam. There is no such laughter before, and there is no mood to say those gossip. We also face the fact that we are graduating.In the past elementary school life, when we were embarrassed by the teacher, we were thinking: When will we graduate? If you graduated from the Institute, you can despise the teacher's embarrassment. When we quarreled with our classmates, we thought: If we graduated, it would be great! You can be separated from this nuisance. But now, when we think of the two words of graduation, we can't help but leave tears.It seems that the life of the elementary school is still vivid. During the examination, I was called to the teacher��s office for tea because I copied the answer. When I was in class, the two people kept chatting and talking nonsense Online Cigarettes, and the teacher told them to stand behind. After class, because of chasing, I accidentally injured another classmate and accompanied her to see a doctor. These are some small things in life, but we will always be in our hearts.Now, when I recall the good times with my classmates, the tears will hit the paper like rain. his colorful picture came to my mind. Our youth will eventually die, and cherish the rest of the short time Carton Of Marlboro Reds. The beauty of the world is because of gratitude; everyone has a good heart because of gratitude. As long as you are grateful, things will be beautiful.ul to the sun, that is the understanding of the warmth; the gratitude to the blue sky, that is the recognition of the blue of the sky; the gratitude to the grassland, that is the praise of 'the wildfire is not burning Wholesale Cigarettes, the spring breeze is born again'; Thanksgiving, that is a kind of listening to the sound of the sea Cheap Cigarettes.long as you are grateful, a dry seed can also sprout Carton Of Cigarettes, and eventually grow into a towering tree; as long as you are grateful, a trickle can grow and eventually gather into a blue sea; as long as you are grateful, even if it is as iceberg The heart can also melt, and finally use this silk to cool into a breeze.fulness is a life attitude and a virtue. Grateful heart is the sun and rain that is essential to your growth path. It is also a booster on your growth path.