Our class claims to be a beauty

  • Our class claims to be a beauty, but the most prominent is a fat man who wants to play the ball - Li Weilong. When I was fine, I shot his stomach and said, this is ripe! Speaking of Li Weilong, it is because of him that I know what is true beauty How Much Is A Carton Of Newports. He was exposed to his original form: shaking his head and shaking his buttocks is more than a woman's daughter! Walking on the street, his movement made me laugh too much. When walking, like the palace lady in the ancient palace, the waist and the buttocks twisted and twisted, and the old is lovely Marlboro Cigarettes Online. He is more funny like a penguin and a duck. Whenever we saw him screaming, they shouted to buy ducks and penguins, penguins 1 hair 3, duck 1 hair 2. Whenever we say this, he should say that I buy it and buy it. Although he is very fat, he is very helpful and helpful. Many people who have helped us in our class will not give examples. Li Weilong's men's class in my class is cheering! Long-lasting friendshiptime between the blink of an eye and the elementary school quietly passed by me. In the six years of good memories, there are so many students who I will never forget. In six years, they gave me help and left me too Many memories. is a classmate, she is a very good friend with me. Every time I think of her, I always show a smiley face, eyes squinting, showing crescent shape, but I can clearly see the sparkling glow in her eyes. The mouth is curled up Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, with some naughty and sly, she is xxx.a good student with excellent academic performance. Every time the teacher mentioned her, she would show a smile. There is a memory between her and me that I have benefited a lot from my life.was a math test. After the teacher tried to curl it down, I looked at the test paper and found it very simple. I wrote it in a "shasha". I successfully answered a few questions, and I was glad that I suddenly stopped the pen - I met a "roadblocker." Seeing that there are only ten minutes left, checking and checking, how can I catch up, let alone drive the "roadblock" away Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. If this is the case, I will not get a good test. The grandmother Li next door will praise me for learning every time. If the test fails, then how can I see Grandma Li after I go home! In a hurry, I took a look at the xxx exam paper, ah! She made it! I didn't care much, I immediately wrote the question on the note and threw it at her. At this time, my heart was really fifteen buckets of water - seven up and down, I did not expect her to just throw a note to the ground Marlboro Gold. I was so angry that I thought: Even this busy is not helpful, still a good friend! At this time, the team leader came to collect the papers, and the "blocking tiger" I never drove it away. I was out of school, xxx saw me still ignore her, and said to me with great enthusiasm: "I am not not helping you, but I am afraid that you have deceived yourself. The purpose of the examination is to test how we learned at this stage. I believe that the teacher wants our real achievements, not the false scores." I listened to her words and felt that I was doing something wrong. I copied other people's things without thinking through the brain. If you develop a habit, the consequences will be unimaginable. I sincerely thank you, you let me know the danger of plagiarism, the revelation you gave me will benefit my life. I will never forget a good classmate like you.