Holding this language book of the

  • Holding this language book of the sixth grade, I was deeply attracted by many characters in this book. Such as: eloquent business, smart and brave David, loyal captain... Among them, what touched me the most is Sanna in The Poor.e Senna couple in the text are not only a hardworking person, but also a person who would rather suffer and help others. On the night when a screaming night, her husband went to see the sick neighbor Simon, she found that Simon was dead. She resolutely took home the two children of Simon. She is worried that her husband will scold her after she returns. But no, when the fisherman knew the news of Simon��s death, he also clamored for someone to bring Simon��s child back Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. It can be seen that both the fisherman and Sanna have a kind heart! reading this text, I feel particularly deep: although Sanna and the fishermen do not have rich families and high academic knowledge, they have the virtue of helping each other with their neighbors. Let's take a look at the Senna couple and see our world now. The people of today are terrible and terrible. There are many people who have lived for a few years and don��t know it! Nowadays people are working hard and rushing for their own personal interests Parliament Cigarettes. In the rapid operation of the society, all the people have become cold, become lonely Marlboro Cigarettes, and become difficult to communicate. All of this is because we have lost the kind and helpful spirit of Sanna.feel that it is easy to change all of this. As long as you pay the truth, you will gain warmth. Classmates, let us try to give your neighbors a sincere smile; give the elderly in the morning a question of concern; give your classmates a bright smile Newport Cigarettes. I believe that you have done this, the world will become warmer! Now, in the name of a young pioneer, I appealed in the name of a primary school student: Please be a helpful person who does not care about gains and losses, and eliminate the cold side of society forever! Growth is a peak, and maternal love is the power that helps me climb. - Inscription time flows, Hua Hua is like water, my mother has accompanied me through fifteen spring, summer, autumn and winter, I grew up like this. As I approached the exam, the burden of learning increased, and I was so overwhelmed that I could only fight at night. Going home from the evening, I went into the house and continued to study hard. The clock tickles and there is a sudden knock on the door. "Small words, take a break, drink a cup of milk." Mother's voice came from the door. Looked at the clock, only 10:30, I said: "Don't! So early, I have no time to drink, homework is not done!" Then, the door is silent. At 11 o'clock, there was another knock on the door Newport Cigarettes Coupons. "Small words, very late, go out to sleep after drinking some milk." "No, can you not bother me, I don't have time!" I yelled. I am so nervous now, I still want to rest, she still wants me to study, every day! I talked to myself indignantly. The minute hand in the clock quietly turned around again, 12 o'clock. I rubbed my tired eyes, stretched out, opened the door, and saw the lights in the living room. When I came closer, I couldn't help but live - I saw my mother fell asleep on the sofa, but still holding a glass of milk in my hand - the milk was already cold. I want to wake my mother, but my throat is hard to say. Under the light, the mother's face was yellowish, and the original rosy and smooth face had deep and shallow wrinkles. Mom is old! Her dark circles circled me and glared at my heart. Mom is really old! My fifteen years of growth has brought her 15 years of hardship.