I often walk this way, not complaining

  • I often walk this way, not complaining that this road is too embarrassing, not to save those few minutes, but to satisfy my little heart. June, my hometown only entered the summer, and it was often rainy and rainy. It took only a few days of hard work, and my hometown, including this path, was all green. This morning, I walked on this rugged road again. This unknown riverside road is quietly lying in front of you. In fact, this river is not a river. It is just a small stream. This road, I don��t know if it��s repaired, it��s been Muddy state, but it is never as dirty as Hua Street, except for nature, nothing else Newport 100S.side him, a few willows swayed, and the colorful birds in the back of the mountain sang, danced, and hunted on the trails. They swayed their long tail feathers and walked around. . I stopped and watched it move Marlboro Gold Pack. For a while, it flew off the path and flew to the peach tree not far away. After a while, it flew away from the peach tree and flew into the river. rain drenched, and occasionally a few people walked by, but their looks seemed to be beautiful. It was not the unpleasant expression of people in Huajie Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, but an extreme enjoyment that gave nature and early spring beauty. Over there, a few fragrant peach trees rustled, the beautiful and indescribable faint pink, like a few butterflies Cigarettes For Sale, gently falling on the road, I as a visitor, only gently pick a line in the hair between.ng on, only a few households had smoke Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, and several green squirrels on the mountain were still on the road. I didn't pay attention, and the muddy splashes on the road spilled on my trousers. Perhaps most people will hate to say: "Too annoyed, this road is too bad to go!" I will say, this is nature!the morning, several children from the riverside jumped into the water, rolled up their trousers and played, just waiting for the parents at home to scream. As I walked, I reluctantly walked to a residential building that left the road.be a few more years, it will become a bustling street, and those mountains, rivers, trees, and birds will no longer exist, but please stay with people and cherish this road, because this is me, even all love. People on this road have a good wish.