Beauty is the nobleness of the inner soul

  • Beauty is the nobleness of the inner soul; there is also a beauty, the beauty of appearance. The beauty of appearance is the image, the dress, the dress, the beauty of the soul, the character, the noble, the goodness... The two different beauty have different styles, but they cannot be combined, and the true beauty is the soul. nice.e bus, there is a sea of ??people Marlboro Cigarettes, and the sea of ??people makes me unable to see the direction. My grandmother and I can only stand in the crowd, and stand like this. And next to my armrest, sitting on a strange man in front of him, it looked terrible. The fierce and gloomy eyes on his long cheeks made me chill, and as long as he was cold, Itmosphere in the car suddenly became sullen. My heart also reached the eyes of the blind Cheap Cigarettes, I was silent, waiting for his fierceness. I can wait for a long time, and I don��t see this terrible man have an unusual move. My heart was finally put down, but at this moment, the driver suddenly braked, making a sharp, harsh sound, and the car slammed. I can't keep my balance and I can't help but fall to the ground. At this time, the time was still, and a soft and warm big hand grabbed my little hand and forced me up Carton Of Newports. When I saw it, I couldn��t help but be shocked Cigarettes Cheaper. The emotionally warm big hand was actually the "terrible" uncle who extended it. I saw him smile and said to me affectionately: "This position will let you sit Marlboro Lights." The smile is so kind, so kind, so warm... I looked at him dumbly, and I couldn��t help regretting it. should not always pay attention to the beauty of appearance. In fact, the beauty of the soul is the most precious't remember that this is the first few snows this year. However, this snow is big and long, just like my friendship with it - it is long. ground is covered with a thick layer. After class, my gloves became wet because of the snow, and my body was covered with snow, and it became a snowman. a mischievous snow!t is snow? it is you, you will smile and say "Snow is snow."n't think so, look up, sit at the window and stare at the snow fluttering, snow is a dancer? With the intensity of the wind, I danced ballet for a while and danced hip-hop for a while. Listen carefully, you can really feel their happiness and feel their freedom. ure in front of your eyes, which made people intoxicated and addicted.t, the snow should be more like a mother, the wind and the wind, the trees, the grass are shaking in the panic. The snow came, gently cover the quilt for them, and sing a song of the wind gently. The tree is no longer shaking. Grass, no longer shaking. They all fell is something that can be remembered. Looking at the snow, I think of the hands of the original classmates. It��s amazing! Without the gloves, the snow was directly glued into a snowball with only one decimeter. Under her decoration and modification, theremembered how to skate with a good friend on the ice rink downstairs. Black and dark, only the colored lights on the field illuminate us. We spent the night in laughter and laughter, no darkness, no loneliness.