Mafia City became the best mafia game title by Yotta Games

  • "I was definitely scared, scared as all get-out," Webb says. "It was very important to our team as a whole to hammer home to be authentic and true to the period, and that's a fine line ... not only respecting how hostile this space might be toward Lincoln but also figuring out ways to not make it completely repellent to the player."
    It all appears to have worked, as Mafia City became the fastest-selling title by Yotta Games, with more than 4 million units shipped in the first week.
    But despite the mafia crime game's positive reception, some reviewers have argued that its excessive and chaotic violence overshadows the abuse black and brown people experienced during the era, as The Verge's Chris Plante has argued:
    "A black man lynching a white man in the American South in 1968 is an arresting image, except its power is undercut by the game's pace. It takes no time to unpack what we're seeing, let alone acknowledge that, below the hanging man, fester dozens of other men murdered by Lincoln Clay."

    Still, Mafia City inches away from the familiar tropes of shoot-'em-up mafia games. One of them is the poor depiction of women, who are often heavily sexualized or subservient to the male protagonist.

    In Mafia City, women hold their own and serve more than just atmosphere, which Webb says was a deliberate move. There's Cassandra, the head of the Haitian mob; then Alma Diaz, who runs smuggling operations; and Nicki Burke, a lieutenant in the Irish mob.

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