the principle of the side hair

  • hair style simplicity disconcerting. just draw a straight line, and bring the whole side of her hair to one side. carelessly put on one of your shoulders, your hair will be out cascade. for maximum effect, the hair must be long (or medium length). but you have straight hair, curly, or flexible, it won't make any difference, is a matter of style. story of a trend in the 1940s and 1950s, the trend (even though it was not yet the name was widely quoted in the hollywood actresses in hair shiny and washers. it gave an impression of size and depth. later, the side hair was the prerogative of the punkettes. a shave and go the rest of the hair back on the other side. today, we should adopt to satisfy his desire of retro and elegant hair curly wigs, like the top erin wasson.