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  • the loop is square, is easy to maintain, especially if the hair is naturally. " it can be easily cut, because they are all alone. it is sufficient to foam, dry, and to highlight a few bits to the right and to the left. the hair will be more difficult to have a look "natural" hair. " if your hair is straight, it will be necessary to use a curling iron. but ideally, taking the cup, if your hair is naturally curly and degraded. otherwise, it will be very difficult to do your hair on a daily basis. for beautiful earrings, it is good. " once you have your hair done, use the curl). then, before you dry your hair, use the perfect curl, it is the product of construction of ideal ". the council, by means of the sublimating loops, but it should be a good degradation. when your hair appointment, ask him to give you a fine cut glueless lace wigs uk. here, it is like? t square and eroded.