The 90s and the wicks

  • This is not necessarily what we would like to keep the 90s! Because at the time when we talk about wicks, we indeed display very distinct and colorful locks glueless lace wigs. Today, the result is more nuanced, more natural but at the time it was necessary that the locks are seen. Hence the boom in those years of the use of hair mascaras, to apply at home, all alone, in front of the ice and whose effect lasted the time of a few shampoos. The grunge style of nineties There are some remains of the 80s. The tousled hair of this era have given way to hair more arranged but in a spirit of grunge. Because the 90s, it is also the dazzling success of the group Nirvana and its leader Kurt Cobain. Side look, tie & dye explodes, hair side, hair clutter and Brazilian braid have never been so trendy.