more likely for soft or smooth hair

  • These asymmetrical cuts are more likely for soft or smooth hair, which will then be easy to work and discipline. To mark even more asymmetry, do not hesitate to adopt the fringe to play with! A slight taste of half hawk The asymmetrical square, spotted at Leonard, is reminiscent of another great trend, the half hawk. You know this trend of shaving one side of the skull! If you like the personality of this cut but you do not want to sacrifice your precious hair, adopt the asymmetrical square that plays perfectly its role of trompe-l'oeil, without decimating anything! Make an asymmetrical square To reproduce this hairstyle real hair wigs at home, you must first display a square, which can be slightly tapered on the ends. For a personalized hairstyle and full of character, you can also adopt the bangs. To make the asymmetric square, start by drawing a straight edge on wet hair.