on the other hand the haircut

  • on the other hand, the haircut, the brazilian blowout is a technique used by professionals, not only do it yourself at home, this type of smoothing. the principle is simple: it is to inject the liquid within the keratin scales of the hair, to give them a new form. keratin is a substance which has capillary fiber, unlike the japanese hair smoothing stiffened as chopsticks, the brazilian version retains a natural movement. this technique is mainly the discomfort of gum bubble hair lace wigs. generally, this type of smoothing is six months. during this period of time, through the curling iron, hair set, of course. and even if the air is moist, no risk of frizz. who is the brazilian blowout. it should not be confused with straightening the brazilian blowout. these two techniques, smooth hair, and the straightening is carried out with chemicals, it is strongly recommended that you make a hair colouring on the already proven. on the other hand, the brazilian keratin smoothing is similar to the task, it was e t the hair can be dyed. real hair wigs this technique can be used on the hair. if you have thick wavy hair, and the result will be very impressive. we also use this type of smoothing to handle spikes, or to have a perfectly smooth hair throughout the day.