the hair is first prepared with a spray can

  • need to lose a few years changing? ambassador eric zemmur, l'oreal professional hair offering you the chance to test a subtle to energize your damaged hair. in the video, the right way to go. navy's long hair, which do not have a form, and to stimulate the hair and boost its length. the right hairstyle the barber cut 10 cm in length and was graduated with a shorter hair on the top. this allows the hair to the shape of the face, and to reduce the design to highlight the characteristics of marine. the topping style full lace wigs. the hair is first prepared with a spray can, spray cover, heat thermal modeling of l'oreal professional), which will promote the forming and holding the loop carried out thereafter. 2 / the loops are then boosted with a curling iron, then changed to the finger, to win out.