penetration into the hair fiber

  • coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, a fatty acid antimicrobial properties. she has a great power of penetration into the hair fiber. thus, it is the hydrate and protect against external aggression. coconut oil is especially recommended for those who have dry hair, damaged by too many stains, bleaches, or uses of straighteners and curling. to find a decent hair best lace wigs, coconut oil is a key ally. the black hair is also very fond of coconut oil, because they are very dry and fragile, they give the strength and flexibility. in fact, thanks to its high content of saturated fatty acid, coconut oil (emollient properties. it is found the hair to protect them and ensure that they are dehydrated. it will also give coherence to scales of the hair, which is soft, bright, flexible and full of vitality. but that is not all: coconut oil was antibacterial, antifungal and assainissantes. this is one of the most popular oils of the scalp, in particular to address the problems of film.