add them all around the hair

  • brush your hair and cut them in two and made a low ponytail with a rubber band. break the ponytail into two and have two lovely hair human hair lace front wigs, then tie them on both sides of the head, providing a pair of pliers. a beautiful and elegant. this is the hair that you can ask for more time. brush your hair, and then make up half of the hair on your forehead, and a rim. the remaining small hair tie hair down, with a rubber band. the fuse to separate into three parts, and realize the three cornrows on the skull. accessoirisez hair with hair extensions, add them all around the hair to form a beautiful tail. finish with a lock of hair around the elastic extension to make it invisible. find all our advice to change subtly or drastically and your hair and have a perfect hair this summer. change hair for a change