comb his hair with a comb with large teeth

  • as for the hair, it is strongly recommended that you have the corrugated length when they are wet. in the figure, it is best to use a comb with large teeth, so as not to destroy the structure of the loops. choose a comb solid, preferably of wood or horn. highly resistant, anti-static material is composed of keratin. dry hair naturally there is no secret, for the hair, we need to build on the drying in the open air. in fact, even if they are very practical, electrical appliances are abusing the fiber conditioning. the heat of the hair dryer, can damage the material. result, the lacewigsbuy hair becomes brittle, dull and weak. after the shampoo, do well in a dry cotton towel. there is no need to rub, it is sufficient to bend slightly in the towel to remove excess water. once essorées, apply a moisturizer on your serum, lengths, and leave them alone. an hour later, you'll have beautiful earrings perfectly shaped.