hair disheveled look for a play

  • to begin with, here are some essential to have on hand. the hair dryer is, of course, but also a flat iron to form rounded, you can also use as a curling iron. and, potentially, you will also need a mousse to give body to the hair, the hair cream that is more flexible and easy to operate, a spray fixing and to maintain the hair spray and hair free. "with all this, you are ready for any eventuality. short hair can be, for example, hair disheveled look for a play. for this, use a spray on the movement to work easily in modeling directly on dry hair with your fingers. "please do not hesitate to borrow styling products human hair wigs your man for a wet look very sexy. get just the hair still wet with the aid of a gel. " the square bases, have the opportunity to play on the form. we can go on to something very rigid wand "using a thermo protective care smoothing before the flat iron to fall right, no frizz.