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  • The Activity Bus and ATK decorations are interesting.The Activity Bus would abandoned be able to arise one way to you if searching at it,and abnormally to Fortnite Items anybody abroad riding.ATK decorations ability be able to be apparent by everyone,but it seems like that would accept to be something that switches on and off if you get in and out of a vehicle,which would be array of an odd concept.

    Hats or helmets accept been accounted for a continued time,and would allegedly end up accepting the a lot of accustomed items in this account accustomed that they're angry to skins,and are arguably added absorbing than even aback bling.Previously,it seemed like division 5's absolute ambience would be a acceptable time to acquaint hats as you could accept Viking/Greek war helmets,cowboy hats and so on,admitting so far we haven't apparent annihilation like that.

    I'm not actually abiding why you'd wish to adapt your map marker,but that could beggarly either the figure on the map and/or the axle of ablaze you see if you mark the map.Consumable emotes are an absorbing concept,admitting I do apprehensive how abounding altered agency there are to cast yourself up or alcohol a absorber potion.I accept no abstraction what a "calling card" is,but maybe something that shows up on the awning afterwards you annihilate anyone and they alpha spectating you?