Powering the amount of NHL 19 is cutting

  • Powering the amount of NHL 19 is cutting-edge gameplay technology, RPM Tech, which redefines the way movement and animations are captured. RPM Tech enables explosive-edge skating, giving players added control, faster dispatch and added admiration as they move up  NHL 19 Coins and down the ice. RPM Tech combines with a new abstract physics arrangement that introduces added contextual body-checking, bringing bigger, badder, jaw-dropping hits that are activating based on speed, admeasurement and point of impact.

    Collisions in NHL 19 are realistic, impactful, and fun, acknowledgment to reinvented physics arrangement that overhauls how blockage affects gameplay. Hits acknowledge to speed, angles, and skater physicality, brings you an acquaintance that looks bigger with new animations, and feels even bigger acknowledgment to acknowledging controls. Accumulate annual to acquisition out how Abstract Physics accomplish NHL 19 to complete hockey experience.