Not a once and done Maplestory M Mesos kind

  • Not a once and done Maplestory M Mesos kind of build either, its a build that may allow you to repeatedly reach the goal for this kind of harm, and mind you thats not hitting with a crit, actually my construct im doing I frequently am hitting over 50-60k harm every strike and im not even fully up to level yet in terms of what I might have in maplestory 2, I


    think you should go through and examine each of the builds which are widely employed for each of these classes and remake one of these videos with that information included also, because in my honest opinion berserkers are easily the most broken character in maplestory 2 right now using the truthfully just draw back being that they're purely melee combat range, and even that wont be staying for long after the next 2 skill tree's emerge in the NA servers giving the berserker a couple of mid-long range aoe attacks? .


    I'm likely to comment this ,meso are rather easy to get, create a few characters get them to level 50 perform the"get rich" daily missions, everyday do your 10 dungeons on each and every personality,(30 a week each character) every 5 dungeons you get a purple box, open the purple box you get meso. The thing is, tradable weapon


    upgrade substance wills fall. When you're doing your dungeons,30 for your week Maplestory M Mesos for sale then you will be receiving a great deal of Blues to drop instead of selling those just dismantle them in to upgrade material. It will always sell. You might also use it to trade for dungeons that are 2100 to get"buses" aka carrying. If you aren't trying to hurry for the chaos raids in November and also you shouldn't have to be concerned about having a lot of upgrade materials the ones that you get from the purple boxes should be enough to update your own stuff.


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