QuestSince people have RuneScape gold been

  • QuestSince people have RuneScape gold been playing Runescapea fantasy MMORPG beloved by millions. But developer Jagex shut the online servers of the game down. Twitch streamer TitusFurius broke down crying Since the servers went. "Oh god, I kinda wanna cry," he said.Runescape lives on in several iterations, including a mobile version and


    a PC title with graphics. But millions will bear in mind the older Runescape classic as one of their first MMOs. It was initially browserbased and not as graphically intense than rivals such as Everquest and Dark Age of Camelot, so it gained a loyal following from gamers who could not afford high end PCs or a  game.In the last hours of


    its lifetime, TitusFurius rushed to finish The Legend's Questthe match hardest challenge.He pushed, but couldn't quite finish the pursuit before programmer Jagex scheduled the host shutdown. However, TitusFurius was being watched by Jagex because he moved throughout the quest and, with tens of thousands cheering him Jagex


    decided to keep the servers open a bit longer so he could complete the old school rs gold quest. TitusFurius broke into tears when it was all over, before the servers went dim.Jagex confirmed in a statement to PC Gamer that it left the server open allowing TitusFurius to complete the quest. "The timeless server closure was stopped for a couple of hours


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