"Red Knight" returns to the mall: skin should be rare or popula

  • On July 4th, Epic Games announced that it will sell the rare "Red Knight" skin on the store on July 5th, causing the player's excitement.

    Since it was put on shelves in December last year, the "Red Knight" has only appeared several times in the store, the most recent one is on February 20 this year, which makes it one of the rarest skins in the game. This also means that only some early players can buy this skin, and now most newer players have no chance to own it. Under the strong advice of the players, the official finally released the skin today.

    Although the player's suggestion finally worked, the rarity of the skin and the player's appeal seemed to be difficult to achieve a good balance. For this, youtuber NoahJ456 proposed a unique idea: it allows new players to buy some of them. The skin, while retaining the original rarity of the skin: the key is to make some color changes to the skin to distinguish between the original skin and the updated skin (commonly, it is bright skin). And you can Buy Fortnite Skins from MMOAH.

    Although this idea makes sense, both sides can be satisfied, but when it comes to re-release these skins, it may not fully achieve the purpose of Epic Games.

    Although the official does not explicitly use this as a reason to re-launch rare skin, many believe that bringing this type of skin back to the store is a way for Epic Games to crack down on illegal account sales and fraud, and if they adopt the idea of ??NoahJ Then this situation will continue to deteriorate. So what do you think? Get more information about Fortnite Skins from MMOAH, and you can Buy Fortnite Items here!