Fortnite Playground LTM Still Not Ready; Epic Shares Latest Upd

  • Fortnite developer Epic has provided another update for the status with the delayed Playground mode. The limited-time game mode was originally scheduled to file for alongside Fortnite's 4.5 update a couple weeks ago, however it appears you may still find a few issues that have to be ironed out before it may be implemented within the live game.
    In a post on Reddit, Epic explained the reason is work for the mode is progressing well, but there remain a couple of "data anomalies" that should be resolved. "We involve some system performance goals that any of us believe are required as a way to relaunch the Playground LTM," the developer wrote. "We've continued working towards these goals above the weekend and our latest load tests look promising, but there are numerous anomalies inside data that people still should understand."
    The developer also says so it needs to conduct further tests to guarantee Playground mode is in a very state which can be released. Specifically, Epic says it should test how a mode fares in some scenarios, for example when server capacity may be exhausted, before it could be added to your rotation.
    "It's not easy to know whether we'll need to make any extra system modifications to order to Buy Fortnite Skins meet up with our test goals at this time," Epic wrote. "We won't be aware that for sure until when we complete our current testing phase, which will likely be done inside a few hours. Once this phase has completed we'll know more to do with where we stand and have the ability to provide a status update. The team is tough at work and that we'll let you realize when we have anything else that people can share."
    As mentioned earlier on, Epic intended to produce Playground mode alongside Fortnite's 4.5 patch last Wednesday; however, soon there after the mode went live, it had been pulled through the rotation caused by technical issues, and it has stayed unavailable since. According to Epic, the mode is actually slated to file for sometime soon.
    Unlike previous limited-time game modes in Fortnite, Playground mode is often a "low-pressure environment" that acts much just like a private server. Players can freely explore the map and devise strategies because of their friends in Playground without having to stress about being eliminated by other players.
    Season 5 of Fortnite: Battle Royale is scheduled to begin with this Fortnite Items month, on July 12. Ahead of the year, players began noticing some ominous warning signs inside the game, including a countdown clock that culminated inside launch of the rocket last weekend. The launch generated a quantity of a mysterious cracks appearing within the sky within the island, with additional rifts opening up within the map inside the days that followed.