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    As the new season starts, more and more new skins and new items are added to the game. Many players aim to collect rare skins or weapons, how can these items be obtained? Open boxes is one of the ways, but what you need to know is that the items in each treasure box are random,  it is difficult to get the skin you want most directly from the treasure chest. The second method is to synthesize through the drawings. The problem with this method is that the drop of the drawing is more rare, and you need a certain number of items to successfully synthesize the items on the drawing. Fortunately, these items are available for purchase directly at MMOAH. As a veteran game service provider, MMOAH has also recently started to provide services for Fortnite gamers, and has won the praise of the players. What's more, at MMOAH you can choose the skin or weapon you want directly to buy at the cheapest price, and their staff will quickly hand over the items you need to your game character.
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