Epic's Fortnite Still in Development, But Paragon Comes First

  • First unveiled over four years ago, Epic Games' Fortnite hasn't been inside the spotlight much recently. The developer has now offered reassurances about the sport's status, even though it did also clarify what you could already guess: Paragon, its upcoming MOBA, comes first.
    Asked by Game Informer about where things stand with Fortnite, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney explained the studio's focus chosen Fortnite Items Paragon. "We figure we ought to start with one major successful launch and do individually. Fortnite will probably be next."
    He added that Fortnite remains "moving ahead full-speed," but emphasized that it must be not an easy game to produce.
    "It's an activity with awesome and complicated RPG-type systems, and also a really interesting meta game around it," he was quoted saying. "It's a casino game that takes time and energy to get right. It remains a large priority for Epic, and expect more news to be removed over time."
    Fortnite was initially announced in the Video Game Awards in December 2011, with Cliff Bleszinski (who may have since moved from Epic) introducing a trailer for that game. Sweeney has since summed up as "almost Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead." A closed alpha test began late in 2014, so when recently as not too long ago, Epic was showing extensive footage and giving us an opportunity to play the sport, which has been surprisingly fun.
    You can certainly still sign up for your alpha, which will continue to get regular Fortnite Materials updates, at its official website.