Tera background stories-Wendigo race and their leader Uchamba

  • The snow monster Wendigo is a blood-thirsty giant in western legend. They are huge, killing, and dismembered. In TERA, they are designed to have a huge body with half of the crystal, and also hold huge crystal weapons. In other online games, Winginger is designed as a snowman, or some other annoying monster like this, with a savage habit. But in TERA, these monsters have more advanced IQ, more brave creatures, and they fight to survive, not for fun. Uchamba led his own tribes to fight humans. Meet these monsters in the copy battle, you need more sophisticated equipment, you can build these equipment through a lot of Tera PS4 Items to make your combat power stronger.

    Winginger is one of the oldest races on the TERA continent, and they ruled Westonia and Lorcada many years ago and guarded this snow-covered land as their top priority. Now that the world of TERA has changed, Winginger has also changed. Uchamba, as the last chief of the Winginger tribe, led his thoughts and passed on new hopes to his people.

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