Warning signs your family needs counselling

  • We often depend on our families during rough times but there is a time when
    we have some issues within the family which needs to be addressed. Family
    counselling is necessary to find a solution to these hidden issues.
    Family therapy is different than individual therapy. When it comes to family
    counselling, the counsellor will meet with everyone at once and try to discover
    what may be at the root of the problems in the family. But how do you know
    that it’s time for your family to approach a counsellor?
    Every family is different. There is no perfect answer to what issues the family is
    dealing with and why they must seek professional help. But there are some
    warning signs you can look out for.
    Silence isn’t always golden
    If no one is talking when the family is together – say, at the dinner table – then
    something is wrong. Communicating is the key to resolving conflicts. Conflicts
    arise in the first place when there’s not enough communication and
    understanding within the family.
    Mood swings
    When the mood of a family member often swings from upbeat to depressed it
    is not normal. Such moods wings affect the overall environment of the house.
    Opinions can change and cause overall distress to every individual in the
    Substance abuse
    When one family member is abusing alcohol, drugs, or some other substance,
    it puts stress on the entire family. Diagnosing the problem early and
    approaching a doctor and getting necessary treatment will be beneficial to all
    family members. Vaibhav S Datar at Midlife coaching is one the best family
    counsellor in Mumbai.
    Family trauma

    Has there been a death in the family? Did mom and dad get divorced? Or some
    affair or scandal is discovered? Trauma affects the emotional well being of the
    family. Sometimes it’s difficult to cope with tragedies. That’s how issues arise
    and need for counselling is needed.
    Mental health
    A family could be in turmoil because one member of the group has an
    undiagnosed mental health issue. Sometimes the kid in the family has some
    mental issue disrupting their career. Career counselling online or offline can
    be beneficial. Medications can be used for faster results. However, till
    condition is diagnosed, the family member with a mental health issue might
    not improve on its own and the family may go down with the ship.
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