Why should one approach a Life Coach for Career Counselling?

  • To learn more about yourself and your strengths, so that you
    can better articulate them in your field of work.
     To get that "push" you need to work harder on yourself and for
    the betterment of your career.
     To develop needed skills for the job such as networking or
     To obtain a better work-life balance and deal with stress or
    issues related to promotion or contentment at the workplace.

    A good career coach can help you with all of these goals and tasks.
    They will ask you questions that will stimulate your thinking and
    help you move forward in your career. Before you hire a life coach
    or opt for career counselling certain things need to be checked
    before making any kind of commitment. The coaching field has
    grown exponentially over the past ten years. In fact, if you're not
    sure about disclosing your personal information to a stranger
    doing career counselling online is also a plausible option.
    Following are certain ways of finding a perfect
    Career/Life coach
    1. Find out if they are they a member of a coaching organization,
    such as the International Coach Federation. While this
    membership can be attained by simply paying the fee, but the
    association has a credible association linked to their federation.
    2. Obtain a copy of their resume or their biography which states
    their education and experience related to life/career coaching.

    Look for certificates or licenses. Don't just opt for any course of
    career counselling online. Do the research and look for honest
    testimonials. Be aware of the criteria the coach had to
    complete to acquire the license. Based on the research you will
    be able to quickly ascertain if the program is legitimate. Just
    because they don't have a certificate doesn't mean they are not
    qualified, but you it is crucial review their experience carefully.
    3. Ask for client references but not just the testimonials posted on
    a website or social media. Because this is career coaching and
    not therapy, the coach should have a few clients who are
    willing to speak about the effects of their services without
    concerns of confidentiality.
    4. Ask about their coaching philosophy is. What knowledge
    factors, theories or approaches do they use in during
    counselling? Good coaches will be able to tell you their
    coaching philosophy and how they have developed it over the
    years through their experience and counselling.

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