Ideas for maplestory

  • You require actual things to do in the game in addition to that. That's what made people quit en masse pre-Big Bang was having not just a cheapest Maplestory Mesos dreadful EXP curve, but with nothing to do during all of that. Should you nerf EXP gain, you have to give a reason to justify it through other ways in the sport.

    There is lots of areas to train, and that's in fact one of the problems the game has. There are far too many places to be at all the time, which makes players adhere to one location. Just grinding is simply grinding - players want more than that. If they can not have more than just grinding then they will always default to the MS Mesos map which has the most effective EXP gain and/or is much more convenient to get to.

    The sport demands more linearity, in fact, with any alternate content which is needing to have incentives you can not get in the initial location. Example: Area A gives particular gear, Area B gives the items that upgrade it. Anything. If your alternatives are simply "another region to acquire EXP" then it is going to die off. Consistently occurred and will always happen if this continues. At the moment there are a lot of areas compared to developers *and players know what to do with.