Types of Power Banks that are Most Useful

  • There are quite a few charging electronics that are available for us, and the reason for that is because charging is something that we basically do every single day. There is USB wall charger which is basically one charging electronics that many of use the most as it’s one charging electronic that almost always comes with the portable that we’re using, such as smartphones tablets come with their wall charger. That said, there’s a limit to what you can do with a wall charger in terms fo using your device and charging at the same time and that would be the fact that you can’t take your smartphone or tablet anywhere, because they have to stay in single place as a USB wall charger is a stationary charging technology.

    That’s why there are portable chargers and portable chargers are charging electronics that are, well, portable. The reason that they're portable is that power banks have batteries that are built into them, and that’s another reason why there are portable chargers that have different sizes. In this case, we’re going to be covering some of the most useful types of portable charger that you can be used for your portable devices.

    Mini Portable Chargers

    Mini power banks are one of the most used types of portable chargers and it’s quite obvious to why that is, and that would be the fact that they have very small form factors that can practically be taken anywhere that we want them to be taken. The reason for that is because mini power banks use very little batteries, in fact, most mini portable charger on the market just use a single battery if they have a 3,000mAh or 5,000mAh battery capacity. The equivalent exchange aspect of the small form factor side is that these types of portable chargers are really only able to charge smartphones to full power only one time.

    With that said, with power banks being constantly improved over time, there are now mini portable chargers that have quite a lot more power to use, while still maintaining a small form factor. As there are 10,000mAh portable chargers that are very small and able to be taken anywhere, too, and the best part is that with the high power capacity, you’re able to charge most smartphones to full power about two times.

    High Capacity Large Portable Chargers

    It seems like it might defeat the purpose of portable charger for it to be large and heavy, high capacity power banks can actually be one of the most useful types of portable chargers that you can use on the market. The reason for that is because since they have higher power capacities they’re able to charge smartphones and tablets to full power many times over. Another reason that these types fo portal chargers are quite useful is that they make use of more charging ports, so you can have many more devices at the same time. Such as a power bank using up to three charging ports means that you can charge three devices at once. While a portable charger that uses four charging ports means that they can charge four devices at once.

    Another thing is that high capacity portable charger also make use of powerful charging techs such as Quick Charge and USB-C Power Delivery. There are quite a lot Quick Charge compatible smartphones on the market and so you’re able to charge them at their max charging speed with power banks that feature the tech.

    That said, portable chargers that feature Power Delivery are far more useful and that’s because their types of portable chargers are able to change USB-C compatible laptops. Not all USB-C compatible laptops are ablet o charge with just any Power Delivery portable charger, but if you have a USB-C MacBook then you are indeed able to charge your laptop with a USB-C Power Delivery high capacity portable charger.

    Also, there are quite a few high capacity portable chargers on the market that make use of fast recharging abilities.

    AC Power Banks and Portable Power Stations

    Power banks that use an AC outlet might go hand in hand with high capacity power banks, simply because they do have a lot of power capacity to use. That said, there’s quite a lot more power capacity used with portable power stations and there’s so much that you can potentially charge a smartphone about 20 times with one and you can charge some tablets to full power about 15 times with portable power stations.

    Along with a very large high power capacity, you also get a few more powering and charging options. Portable power stations make use of an AC outlet and that’s perhaps that most important part about them as they can be used to power appliances. There are of course USB charging ports that can be used to charge smartphones and tablets. There’s also a 12Volt car outlet on most portable power stations and they can also be used to power appliances.

    So portable power stations that make use of an AC outlet are among the most useful power banks that you can use if you want a lot of power to use and also want to power appliances, too. That said, something that you should know is that because of their humongous battery capacity, they are very large and heavy and aren’t really meant for every single day usage.