Low or High Capacity Power Banks Better for Charging Smartphone

  • If there’s one charging electronic that has grown a lot over the years, then it would have to be portable chargers. One of the most common types of charging electronics that we use each day are wall chargers and desktop chargers as they’re quite simple to use but at the same time, the experience of using them can be quite frustrating and that’s because they require that your devices stay in a single spot and you have to wait for your smartphone to charge to its full power. There are alternatives though and these others types of chargers are basically a better way to charge your smartphones and likely, other portable devices that you may own such as tablets and laptops. They’re known as portable chargers.

    Portable chargers are have changed a lot once they hit the market and that would be because there are improvements to be made with these charges that you can practically take anywhere with you. The most improvement is the power capacity of the portable charger that you’re using. As there are power banks that are large and small, the reason for that being is that they have low and high power capacities. Lower capacity portable chargers are ones that are the most used as they usually have to use just a single battery and they can be taken nearly anywhere that you want. However, even though mini power banks with a 5,000mAh power capacity are very useful for when it comes to portability, they’re not the most useful for charging smartphones multiple times and most of the time they’re really only capable of charging a smartphone to its full power only one time.

    Charging tablets with a mini power bank is basically out of the question.

    Another type of portable charger that’s quite common, but in many ways, more in advance than mini power banks are high capacity portable chargers. These 20,000mAh power banks have enough power capacity to charge smartphones and other devices such as tablets to their full power multiple times over. Another thing is that these chargers are also perfect for charging laptops too with the right charging tech, The right charging tech that we’re talking about is known as USB-C Power Delivery charging. As the new standard of charging and connectivity with many portable devices is now USB-C, it has now only spread to smartphones, but it is now being used with laptops.

    As a result, Power Delivery chargers such as wall charger, portable chargers and some car chargers that also feature Power Delivery are able to charge a USB-C Power Delivery compatible laptop. Overall, high capacity power banks with a 20,000mAh power capacity or higher are a lot more useful to experience than with chargers that have low power capacities and require constant recharging to use them again. That’s one of the most useful features of these types of power banks in the first place as you don’t have to recharge them nearly as often.