Types of Wall Chargers and Desktop Charging to Buy

  • A wall charger and desktop charging station are among the most useful charging electronics that you can use to charge your devices. Both of these types of chargers are able to charge many devices at once, not only that but they also feature some of the most powerful charging techs that you can use to charge certain devices at their max charging speed. If there are two main charging technologies that I’m about talking, it would have to be Power Delivery and Quick Charge, both of which are used with many devices on the market.

    There are a few other types of charging electronics o the market that is just as useful or maybe even more useful than desktop charging stations. These other types of chargers include portable chargers, car chargers, and wireless chargers. Portable chargers have grown in popularity a lot over the past few years and that’s because they’re chargers that you're able to take anywhere that you want. Another thing is that car chargers are a lot more useful than people might think and that’s especially true if you have a smartphone that is compatible with fast charging tech such as Quick Charge and that’s because it doesn’t really depend on how long your drive is when it comes to these charging electronics. As you’re not using your smartphone and therefore it’s just focused on charging and by the time you reach your destination into you have a charged up a smartphone.

    With all that said, one of the reasons that multi-USB charging stations are the best chargers to own is because they can charge a lot more devices with them than you can ever with a portable charger or a charger. This is where wall chargers and stationary chargers like these really exceed as you’re able to have a charging port for every single one of your family members or friends. There are even charging stations on the market that make use of two Quick Charge ports so that you can charge two Quick Charge compatible smartphones at their max charging speed at the same time. Another benefit if the use of USB-C Power Delivery charging.

    USB-C Power Delivery charging is not only limited to smartphones, but it’s also usable with laptops. This means that you can basically use a desktop charger to charge your smartphone and your laptop. Power Delivery charging tech is still used with portable chargers and it can be quite powerful, but wall chargers and desktop chargers are the types of charging electronics that are able to charge with 45W and 65W, which can charge more powerful devices such as MacBooks, Chromebooks, and Dell XPS laptops that require more charging power than what your regular USB-C charger is able to provide. Overall, it’s good to look into purchasing a multi-USB charging station that can charge many more devices at once than any charger can and its use of fast charging techs such as Power Delivery and Quick Charge is what makes it a notable improvement over other charging techs.