Just How Useful is Wireless Charging

  • There are many ways to charge our portable devices because there are many types of charging electronics on the market. One of the most popular charging electronics that many of use are wall chargers and the main reason for that is because they're very easy to use and they also feature some of the most powerful charging of all the charging electronics that we use. Another reason that wall chargers are very helpful is that they can feature many charging ports and that’s why there are desktop charging stations which are chargers that can potentially feature six charging ports, and there are even charging ports that feature ten ports, so you can charge ten devices at once.

    That said, as useful as wall chargers are, there are quite a few other charging electronics such as portable chargers and car chargers that can prove to be just as useful or more useful. Portable chargers are exactly what it sounds like and that would be chargers that you can take anywhere with you. Car chargers are helpful charging electronics because they’re able to charge your smartphone or other devices while you’re driving. Many people might think that car charging is sort of a gimmick, but that’s not true at all and that’s because of fast charging techs such as Quick Charge and Power Delivery. Since you’re not using your smartphone or another device that you’re charging, it’s able to be charged to its full power as fast as possible.

    So you can very well get a full charge or close to a full charge if you have a Power Delivery or Quick Charge compatible smartphone.

    Once charging electronic that is very popular on the market are also wireless chargers. Wireless chargers are perhaps the coolest way to charge your smartphone and that’s because there isn’t is charging cable that has to go into your smartphone to charge it. Even though wireless charging is pretty cool, it’s not as fast as people might think and in fact, it’s basically the slowest way to charge your smartphone, that is, if you have a wireless charging compatible smartphone, to begin with.

    As most standard wireless charging smartphones on the market charge at a 5W charging speed. While the Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy S8, iPhone X, and iPhone 8 are capable of fast wireless charging that enable them to be charged at either a 10W or 7.5W charging speed. There’s actually one type of smartphone that is able to charge even fast than that and that would be wireless charging for the LG G6 and LG V30. Both of those smartphones are capable of fast charging speeds when you use certain wireless chargers with them.

    Overall, if you want a good accessibility way to charge your smartphone then it’s best to use a charger as it’s a good cordless way to charge your phone. That said, if you want the fastest charging speed possible for the device that you’re using then it’s best to charge your smartphone using a wall charger, portable chargers or a car charger as they’re able to make use of faster charging technologies.