World of Warcraft Editorial: Alexstrasza, Mother of Dragons

  • Alexstrasza, The Life-binder is usually called The Mother Of Dragons or The Queen of Dragons, they are both correct. She is the guardian of life and being essentially the most prominent mothers of World of Warcraft, it is no wonder we have now chosen to create about her to be a tribute this Mother’s Day.

    Alexstrasza was featured this past year in our previous mother’s day articles but only briefly. This year I’ll go more in-depth about Alexstrasza and also how she refers to Buy Warmane Gold my own mother. Chosen through the titans for the Pantheon’s power and rule over her flight, she was named Queen of the Dragons as well through the titans, Alexstrasza becomes the best choice of the red dragon flight. Eonar gave her the blessing with the Red Aspect, that has been the protector of life. Each color dragon was a student in charge of specific elements or protectors of specific aspects, but that's a story for an additional pair day, for the moment, this story starts with Alexstrasza.

    Alexstrasza fought the demons on the Burning Legion throughout the War from the Ancients. During this very war, Neltharion deceived his fellow dragon aspects and the man stole some of the powers with all the Dragon Soul, thus becoming who we all know as Deathwing. Alexstrasza, Ysera, and Nozdormu healed the land by placing an acorn within the Well of Eternity following your war ended after Illidan emptied 3 vials of water through the Well of Eternity in the river of Mount Hyjal. The acorn that had been planted would be a magical acorn from G’hanir and grew the World Tree we realize as Nordrassil today. Alexstrasza felt the humans needs to be taught from wrong rather then destroyed as others of her ilk initially felt they needs to be.

    During the other war, Alexstrasza, her brood, and her eldest consort, Tyranastrasz, were captured by Nekros Skullcrusher. Her red drakes were utilised forcibly as mounts with the Orc Dragonmaw clan and Alexstrasza compelled to breed more mounts with the orc clan. They were forced into slavery and Alexstrasza had no choice but to succumb so her unborn clutches may not be killed. Since Alexstrasza was the component of life, then she would feel pain like nothing else. She felt the discomfort not just for that death of her children, though the death in addition, they caused. Deathwing unknowingly helped Alexstrasza escape when he executed plans to draw her in the open and steal her children inside hopes of generating his very own children. The first thing she did when she escaped were to swallow her captor whole, then Rhonin been able to Warmane Gold for sale destroy the Dragon soul, releasing the dragon aspects powers and returning it to the aspects, allowing the dragon aspects drive an automobile Deathwing into hiding.