Highlights From The World of Warcraft Q&A

  • During the weekly World of Warcraft Q&A, Ion “Watcher” Hazzikostas and Josh “Devolore” Allen fielded questions from your World of Warcraft fanbase. Some interesting tidbits emerged as a result. Aside on the Mythic+15 and Mage Tower challenge modes, all the artifact appearances will be available as transmogs. Druid forms would be also available.

    Legendary drops were also discussed. While it is already known that legendaries raises to 1000 item level, any legendaries obtained following your release of Antorus, The Burning Throne will drop at item level 1000; for all those rocking 970 level legendaries, you'll have to perform a repeatable mission to Warmane Gold upgrade any existing legendaries. Watcher and Devolore also indicated that it can be possible that legendary tokens could well be bind on account making sure that people can hand their alts legendaries, but this really is only if each of your characters has all the legendaries for your class. It was unclear when these tokens could be released. In addition, aside from the ring, there could be no new legendaries in 7.3.2.

    There were no promises to rebalance classes until following your release of the revolutionary raid. Another interesting highlight in the Q&A is the fact that Mythic+ could be a key focus to the developers as a result of success on the Mythic Dungeon Invitational. It is feasible that they could execute a season with Mythic+, similar to there are seasons with PvP. The developers also addressed the viability of certain classes and specs in Mythic+.

    A essential highlight for the people currently questing in Argus is the fact that those who have the Argus flight master whistle will discover that it will likely be account bound everyday or two. After a hotfix is implemented, it will likely be a lot easier to acquire around inside the Argus zones of Antoran Wastes, Mac’Aree and Krokuun. World quests will be also account-wide, although you'll find no offers to do it for Mac’Aree or Krokuun as a result of quest phasing. The age-old question about flying in Argus seemed to be Outland Gold brought up; Watcher and Devolore stated that there are not flying in Argus.