World of Warcraft really wants to be your kid’s new favorite be

  • I’ve barely ever played World of Warcraft, only a few hours with a free character. This was a conscious decision in my opinion. I knew around the game back when it first launched but I avoided playing it because I knew I’d become addicted and play for a lot too many hours. I know a lot of people who Buy Warmane Gold were sucked into your game and spent simply too much time and cash on it. The movie is coming to lure in the uninitiated, these days Blizzard is calling an untapped audience – children.

    Based about the World of Warcraft IP, Blizzard has partnered with children’s book publisher Scholastic to generate a new series. World of Warcraft: Traveler will be written by Greg Weisman and seeks to get the Azeroth your for the younger generation. According to Debra Dorfman of Scholastic:

    We don’t be aware of targeted age for your series yet, but I could see this stretching from really young to young adult stories. Fantasy for kids has grown being a genre nowadays and it’s no real shock that Scholastic was pleased to team up having a power house like Blizzard.

    I probably have of Blizzard’s storytelling chops – every universe they've created is compelling and unique with great opportunities for diverse stories. I’m also always thrilled to hear about anyone making kid’s books – greater children read (or are read to), better off they're. I just fear about most of these tie-ins; getting children into World of Warcraft early may seem like grooming for the next generation of WoW addicted gamers. Then again, with all the Outland Gold WoW population constantly declining, I suppose they need to find their new fans somewhere.