"Aura Kingdom" Global Edition dual platform advance reservation

  • Internet home-made from the legendary R & D, issued in 2013 video game " Aura Kingdom Online ", launched inside the United States, France, Germany and Spain and Portugal along with languages, R & D team has received many suggestions from your European and American gamers, and continuing efforts people in the Aura Kingdom Points different elements into your game to the players to create a more diversified gaming experience. The government in addition has announced today Global Edition dual-platform launched advance reservations, please make reference to the official turmoil the following content.

    Outstanding achievements through the online game, inspired because of the 2016 R & D team on this game are going to be ported to cell phones, cellphone version of " Aura Kingdom: Kai Yuen Goddess ", along with Japan and South Korea Taiwan and Hong Kong for getting Google suitable for confirmation and Asia grand release.

    Unlike the last authorization of cooperation mode, this legendary network operators will own the Global Edition "AURA KINGDOM", first line contact directly through interaction together with the user, with extensive operational experience inside the country, operating team hopes to MMORPG most classic elements presented, Direct and development roles, from optimization experience, update the steepest, enrichment activities and generous reward, the most beneficial customer service experience start, play an all-inclusive upgrade and service experience, giving players a fresh game English Department weather.

    In the worldwide players awaiting the English version on the dual-platform appointments has finally officially launched operations team inside the event go online the Aura Kingdom Points reservation carefully prepared gold, Blue Diamond, headwear as well as other rewards, and special design of winter title with exclusive English version source God. March 7 the first one to open in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Vietnam along with nine countries using the download will not delete files test; the rest on the open service the modern news please sustained attention to a state message. Welcome son Kai source with the world, as well as us ready, set foot on "Aura Kingdom" amazing journey.