World of Warcraft Player Reaches Level 100 with 100 Characters

  • World of Warcraft player "Watola" has reached the max degree of 100 on 100 different characters.

    In a prolonged blog post for the forums, Watola explains which he started the "project" near to the Warmane Gold for sale end of Mists of Pandaria, a WoW expansion Blizzard released in September 2012.

    "At enough time of starting [Mists of Pandaria] I had already leveled around 20 characters to max level, so another 80 didn't seem that extreme," he wrote. "The actual playtime needed to achieve this just isn't as massive as it can certainly at first seem."

    Watola was required to use two accounts just because a single account has limitations to 50 characters. Doing this, he might level two characters at the same time, boosting his progress with Recruit-a-Friend bonuses. Getting them to level 85 took 5-8 hours depending around the class. After that point, he paired the alternate characters which Cheap Warmane Gold has a max-level hunter to farm difficult enemies and begin mastering tougher dungeons.