World of Warcraft Legion players receive a look at a Return to

  • World of Warcraft: Legion just released the infernal minions of Gul'dan on top of the world of Azeroth yesterday, and already Blizzard is teasing the primary massive update that let's players resume a familiar raid, Karazhan.

    The video offers some familiar sights: Undead dancing, the Big Bad Wolf opera, the enormous dining hall and Moroes narrating. But there are many changes. An inverted library, murlocs plus a warped reality. For those who spent lots of Cheap Warmane Gold hours grinding rep together with the Violet Eye in Karazhan, it needs to make the old new again.

    There can also be hints of nw Suramar and World quests, in addition to the Trial of valor raid, that will have players increasing against the likes of Odyn, Helya and Guarm.

    There aren't any real details, much less a release date, but there's lots of fodder for entertainment speculation. Having played Legion a lttle bit already, I am seeking the story intriquing, notable and the Icecrown Gold new mechanics and questlines entertaining. Much better than Warlords of Draenor or Mists of Pandaria on multiple levels. This could bring some old players again.