World of Warcraft #1 Review

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     If any gaming in this era is capable of spontaneously creating money from thin air, it's probably World of Warcraft. This online RPG took a currently popualr franchise and turned it right into a permanent obsession, the one which costs another $15 month after month. It's little surprise that the comic publisher may want to snag somewhat piece with the pie. However, the publisher involved is Wildstorm, with little of quality to present readers nowadays apart from Ex Machina. Can this troubled company really create a WoW comic that work well as anything in addition to a cheap cash-in?

    Rest easy, gamers. World of Warcraft #1 is more effective than it may have been. It has a number of problems, yes, but I think most fans with the game is going to be reasonably happy with this issue. Wildstorm's smartest move (an act I'm surprised they will managed) was hiring Walt Simonson to create the story. His name may well not mean much to gamers, but comic fans know him and love him for his develop books like The Mighty Thor. Simonson knows a few things about good fantasy stories. He appears to have done his homework, as every one of the Outland Gold requisite trappings of an Warcraft tale are here. You have your various races (humans, orcs, blood elves, night elves, etc), familiar locations (Kalimdor), plus the complicated feud between Horde and Alliance. Warcraft newbs are likely going to feel a bit lost. I, for example, never so much as turn up to the online arena of Azeroth, but my exposure to the older Warcraft strategy games proved sufficient which helped me to follow along.