Here’s Our Madden 19 Wishlist

  • We’re still awaiting a release date for Madden 19, however if we pass by previous years, expect that the next installment from the franchise will probably be released in August. That means that we're just a few months away! There’s almost no time like the give to talk about the next game are capable of doing to Madden NFL Mobile Coins improve over Madden 18. Here’s our Madden 19 wishlist!

    Ultimate Team mode was exciting in Madden 18, however it was a pain to need to listen through superfluous introductions and tap through familiar screens each time you completed quite a job. Hopefully Madden 19 enables us to bypass these screens and intros and find straight to grinding from the challenges.

    Speaking of Ultimate Team, although there is a Madden Mobile app, there still isn’t one for Ultimate Team. Hopefully when they do introduce this feature, it's going to be free, but when Madden Mobile Coins for sale were only a few dollars, that wouldn’t necessarily be unreasonable.