Madden 18 Ultimate Team Player Upgrades Guide - Upgrade Sets Gu

  • In the Madden 18 Ultimate Team subsection from the game, there is a variety of uses of some of your older and weaker player cards away from simply being auctioned off within the MUT market. In this Madden 18 Ultimate Team upgrades guide, we'll be walking you through the most beneficial and most effective ways to NFL Mobile Coins upgrade many of your player cards.

    For everything on Madden 18's Ulimate Team mode, including the best way to earn MUT coins as fast as possible, as well as the most effective players you will get for cheap within the auction house, visit our Madden 18 Ultimate Team guide.

    If you decide to go over to the 'Team' tab inside the Ultimate Team part of Madden 18, you can find the 'Upgrade Sets' option near to the bottom on the screen. There are a various options in this particular section, even so the one you wish to be emphasizing first would be the 'Upgrades' area.

    Select the 'Players' option after that, after which choose from AFC or NFC, determined by which team you're after. For example, when I picked the Colts pack at the Madden Mobile Coins Cheap start of Ultimate Team, I was given a 70 OVR Vontae Davis, which I may now upgrade to 75, after which 84 OVR, but only by incorporating key items.