"Football" is a well-known sporting point.

  • Wyman and Moyer created nickname for coach: Mona Lisa, given it felt like his eyes never left you.

    Only Knox's eyes were steely blue and produced a daunting glare.

    "It didn't matter where he was, he pulled his cap down, his hat, Madden Mobile Coins Cheap always looks like he was thinking about you," Moyer said. "I've had guys point out that, one million guys, decline matter where these folks were on the field, it always looked like he was gazing at you."

    Moyer recalled how Knox didn't want to call out players by name as you're watching team, but he'd when he was announcing fines for team violations. He was strict about producing weight, plus the penalty was $50 for any pound over.

    "He wanted me being 245," Wyman said. "Chuck, can I get some extra weight? Alright, I'll present you with 246. He was big on that. But if that you were over, he'd announce the fine within the team meeting and it also was just not something you want to hear. You felt terrible."

    It wasn't regarding the money. It was about often unwilling to disappointing Knox.

    "He was essentially the most intimidating coach I've ever been with us," Moyer said, "and his intimidation was, it was only a look, it only agreed to be an expectation. There was only an accountability. You didn't would like to let him down."

    To Moyer while others, few things were more intimidating compared to the thought of walking after dark open door of Knox's office.

    "We had to go get our checks," Moyer said. "Back then, they didn't have ACH deposits. We had to search physically upstairs and acquire your review Mondays every a couple weeks. The way you was required to get there was you had to search down to Mickey Loomis, who's now with Madden Mobile Coins for sale, but he was our CPA accountant person back then, and we were forced to walk by Chuck Knox's office to travel get our check.

    "And I kid you do not -- guys would speak about this all any time -- in case you didn't play well, you may wait another week before you decide to went up to obtain the check."