• When we reached seem to EA ourselves, we had been told the publisher has nothing to announce presently. When it does arrive, this could be the latest Vault release to the series since EA Access first launched in July 2014. Both FIFA 16 and 17 arrived at Madden Mobile Coins for sale.

    Some cynical fans are suggesting that EA is seeking to use the free DLC to offer additional copies on the game, however it's also likely that EA is actually waiting for that World Cup to begin for them to give their service an additional push. That would put FIFA 18's release to EA Access around June 14, when Russia starts against Saudi Arabia.

    The EA Access Vault currently contains in excess of 50 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games, with last year's Madden, NBA, and NBA Live games all developing in the Madden Mobile Account. The subscription service offers early having access to EA games in addition to sales discounts to Xbox One owners.