Batman V Superman Director

  • Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder has revealed his next project, and it also may not be that which you expect. He apparently said on Vero recently that his next effort will likely be an adaptation of objectivist writer Ayn Rand's acclaimed novel The Fountainhead.

    Snyder, who also directed the flicks 300, Watchmen, Man of Steel, and Justice League, shared no further details. But The Fountainhead has been doing his mind for a time now. In 2016, he told The Hollywood Reporter (via Polygon) which he sees The Fountainhead the novel as "such a thesis about the creative process and how it's to Madden NFL Mobile Coins."

    He added that his frequent partner Warner Bros. owns the script, and which he's been "working on that the little bit."

    Originally published in 1943, The Fountainhead concentrates on an architect named Howard Roark whose innovative architectural ideas clash with that relating to his tradition-bound colleagues. The book, which alongside Atlas Shrugged is truly one of Rand's best-known works, is already adapted right into a movie--back in 1949. Oscar winner Gary Cooper starred within the film, and Rand wrote the screenplay.

    Oliver Stone was at one time reportedly serious about making a Fountainhead movie, and Brad Pitt was apparently eyed to the role of Roark. In Hollywood, there is nothing certain, and naturally this Madden Mobile Coins Buy. It sounds like beginning for Snyder's Fountainhead, too.

    Rand's Atlas Shrugged was adapted right into a three-part film series, but the flicks were critical and commercial disappointments.